English language German grad degrees for free (almost)
The High Tuition is U.S. Colleges is your Problem


Why is college education is getting more expensive every year with the typical graduate having significant student debt; some as high as tens of thousands of dollars? For some students, they will have to pay their student loans off for decades.
The reason is college education in the states is big business, just like the auto industry, except you can’t get a government guaranteed loan for a 75,000 for a Vette. If the car industry could operate like colleges, they would sell 5 times the amount of cars every year.

You can’t wait for the promise of “Free” College Tuition in the U.S. Is there a Solution?
Most of us need to be strategic about deciding where to go to grad school and how we plan to pay for it; colleges outside the United States should be part of this strategy. Europe has always been known for universities with minimal tuition. The main problem is most Americans have is they don’t have the foreign language skills needed to attend college that is taught in any language outside of English.
European universities are increasing the number of degree programs that are being taught entirely in English and only charge pennies compared to U.S. colleges. This opens the possibility of earning a high quality education for significantly less cost.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not a “free” education. You still have to pay administrative fees, travel and be willing to navigate the housing search from 5000 miles away, along with all the other cultural differences.
Tuition, Food and Misc. stuff
The German universities on this site have tuition and fees of less than $500 per year, German college cafeterias offer great deals for poor students, books are a whole lot cheaper in German college bookstores, and yes, as a student you can work a part time job in Germany
The Last Word
We don’t promise you a rose garden. This is about more than saving money; it’s the chance to live and study in another culture that will have ups and downs. If this is something that interests you, my site will give you access to information on some of the English language Master’s degree program in Germany at state run schools that are very affordable. Membership access to my pages will be free. I will have information on over 230 Master’s programs, which is only a fraction of what is available. The membership program is not yet complete. It is scheduled to launch soon.
After reviewing the programs, I am sure you will have lots of question. For the first 25 customers, I am offering a free one hour consultation assistance via skype in applying to schools, choosing location, housing, etc.


Based on 20 years of living and working in Europe and my experience in higher education, I am providing information that will help prospective college students decide if an education in Europe is a better “value” for them. We don’t accept any money from the colleges we talk about.